SPCA of Lake County

Thought about becoming a Veterinarian, Registered Vet Tech or Vet Assistant

Volunteering with SPCA of Lake County can give you a dog's eye view of what to expect.  Under the supervision of our Lead RVT Dave, you can learn what goes on behind the scenes.  

Must be 18 to be in the surgery area

Need Community Service Hours for School

There are many  tasks available for 16 - 18 yr old volunteers.  Help with check-in/check-out, cleaning kennels & traps and laundry are an essential part of running the clinic.  And we ALWAYS make time for a bit of dog cuddles and playing  with an occasional kiitten or three.

Interested, but not sure where you fit?

Make an appointment for a guided tour of our facility and what we do during a typical clinic day.   Whether you have  an extra 2 hours a month or 20, we are ready to welcome you to our tribe.

Volunteer Application

Do you belong to a Scout Troup or other non-profit looking to give back to the community?

SPCA of Lake County has several acres of land that need to be maintained.   

Many hands can make short work of a project.   

Not part of a group, not a problem.  Join our group for a clean-up day

Grant Writer

Not all volunteer time happens at the facility..  SPCA of Lake County is self-funded through our spay/neuter and vaccination clinics..  There are multiple grants available throughout the year.  All applications can be submitted on line from the comfort of your home and and on your schedule.  If you have a way with words and some spare time, grant writing may be your calling  . Additional funding means additional resources for the dogs & cats of Lake County.