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SPCA of Lake County

Spay/Neuter Clinics Spay/Neuter Clinics 205847352 205847353 Some lovin happening at the JARR Event 205847354 Coco Bean When Dr. Eisley brings Coco Bean to a clinic, she gets to hang out at the front desk with Nancy 205847355 Dr. Sally 205847356 Tessie 205847357 Junior What happens when you have a 140 pound Mastiff named Junior brought to the SPCA for a neuter surgery and he won't fit in a recovery cage? Well if you are our volunteer extraordinaire Alison Herrold, you get into the recovery pen with him and make sure he gets all the tender loving care needed! 205847358 Tinkerbell 205847359 Baby Goat Day One of the volunteers brought in a pair of one week old baby goats. Dr. Eisley & volunteer Nancy could hardly contain their excitement 205847362 206373590 206373591 206373592 206373593 206373594